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  1. dfd1125

    Transmission swap

    Has no one run into this issue at all? From what I've seen, the transmissions in these things is known for problems. I have been trying to use FORScan to see what options can be changed as far as the transmission goes but I haven't gotten it to work correctly either, for some reason I can't get it to read the vehicle configuration. I know this isn't the place for FORScan issues so I am more or less just trying to see if anyone has done or been party to a transmission swap from something like a Focus. I can't really buy a remanufactured one right now. Plus it's easy to find Focus transmissions at parts recyclers so that's why I'm interested in this. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. dfd1125

    Transmission swap

    I’ve got a 2013 Transit Connect that the transmission recently started acting up. It looks to need replacing so I’ve been looking for a transmission to put in it. I see that the Ford Focus has the same transmission so I was wondering if it’s a direct swap out. I can’t find much info online about it other than they share the same model number (4f27e). Is the gearing the same in them? If they are basically the same unit, will I have to tow it to a dealer to program something in the ECM? I have someone that can do the swap but he doesn’t have anyway to program anything into the computer if that’s required. I’ve seen on here people talking about putting a manual in the TC and while I would love that, I’m not looking for that involved of an install so I’m going to stick with an auto. Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated.