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  1. PhilBoy

    Strange noise! Anyone able to help?

    Thanks mrtn. That was my first suspicion but as the tester said it wasn’t I thought I might be something else. I’ll jack it up and check the wheel. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hi all, This seems to be a great place for all things Connect. I have a 2007 T200 and it has developed a few problems of late. If any of you knowledgeable people would be able to shed any light on it I would be most grateful! I'm getting a rumbling noise that seems to be coming from the front near side. It starts as soon as I get above around 5 mph and it gets louder as speed increases. It gets so loud at 60+ that its hard to hold a conversation with a passenger! If I steer ever so slightly to the left, it seems to stop? I mentioned this to the tester at my last MOT thinking it would be a wheel bearing. When I collected the vehicle he said that the bearing was fine but I had a mishapen tyre. When I got the tyre sorted the fitter said the tracking was well out and showed me the offending tyre; it was in tatters on the inside edge and had very uneven wear (worn more on the inner edge). He sorted the tracking and fitted a new tyre but the problem persists. Now, I know next to sod all about cars/vans and have no clue as to what it could be. I am wary of being ripped off so wanted to know what it could possible be? That way at least I can go armed with a little bit of info when I take it in somewhere. Many thanks for reading this far and any advice etc. would be much appreciated! Cheers all, Phil
  3. PhilBoy

    Newbie from Essex, UK

    Hi all, Had my Connect for just over a year and love it; what a workhorse! Going to be asking a few questions about an issue I have with it so hopefully you guys/gals can point me in the right direction? Cheers Phil