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  1. @mountainman, nothing to be removed on the titanium passenger version. The Thule crossbars and towers mount cleanly to the stock roof rails. @Fifty150, 2 bikes on the back is ample for our fam. If I am transporting the mtb race team I remove the roof box and add a couple more bike racks.
  2. Sharing a photo of a sleek looking setup, not cheap, but my 2017 tax return was helpful. Entering the world of dad-van’s and child tax credits...
  3. AK 2 CA

    2018 Magnetic LWB Titanium in the Santa Cruz MTN's

    Thanks All! I've had OneUp's for years, wouldn't trust my bikes with anything else except perhaps Saris racks. Thule roof system on order, next project is some type of stylish splash guards. Anyone know if Rally Armor looks acceptable on the TC?
  4. What's up Van Fam! Found a very nicely appointed Titanium LWB within an hour or so from my home. So far so good, the biggest win thus far is my 1.5yr old son enjoying the IMAX views.