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    Engine Idle Surge

    Hello all, My 2011 Ford Transit connect with 141,500 mi. has developed a strange (what I now know is called surge) at idle. My mechanic had replaced the motor mounts which made the vehicle run buttery smooth, but the issue still persists. I’ve linked a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9t-A9ugP2-M on what it’s doing. Basically going from 750RPM, dipping slightly and then revving back up to 750-850. While it’s doing this, the van is trying to lurch forward, so I have to make sure I’m pressing hard on the brake in traffic. My mechanic said its not so much of a rough idle (no misfire), but more of a surge. He cleaned the throttle plates, which didn’t help. I found a video online about a Ford Transit Engine Surge (found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-vxctPicCA), but when I checked my fresh air intake tube, it was intact with no holes. Thanks for the help!
  2. I'm stumped. My mecahnic is stumped. I have a 2011 Transit Connect, 135k miles. My mecahic had replaced the rear shoes last year, and since the replacement, I've had issues with the rear making noise. This only happens in the summer months, and when it's warm out. I had no issues in the winter. During medium to long trips in the city (a lot of stop and go) the rear shoes will feel like theres a low or uneven spot and pulse slightly to moderatly when stopping. I've initially replaced the shoes with a cheap set, and then a Motorcraft set after having this issue. We even went and replaced the drums to a Motorcraft brand as well, but still have the issue. The only way to prevent the pulsing (and scraping noise) is to slightly pull on the handbrake when stopping. We checked the tention of the handbrake, we triple (or more) checked the shoes, drums, alignment, and fit of everything, and we still can't figure it out. I'm trying to get a list of things to check on when I go back, that way my mecahnic doesn't think I'm insane. I honestly don't know what else to check. I've searched the forum and have some ideas, but if anyone has any other ideas or something that worked for them, please let me know. I've attached a clip of what it sounded like in July of 2019, summer months. TC2011Brake2.mov
  3. So just a month status update. I replaced the rear hub and it fixed the issue of the noise. That was until today. It’s about 80 degrees where I’m at in New Jersey and they are making just as much noise as before. Once again, I appreciate everyone’s advice, but at this point, I’ve spend too much time and effort trying to fix this issue, and I’m just going to leave it be.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I really do appreciate it. I’m going to order the rear hub assemblies for each side and install them. My mechanic said they visually looked okay, but since it is a high milage TC, I want to replace them anyway since they are inexpensive. I'll let you know the outcome once they are fitted.
  5. I managed to get pictures last week and I wanted to upload them sooner but this forum was acting up and wouldn’t load. My mechanic grinded off the edges of the shoes, hoping to quiet them up to no avail. I drove the van this morning for a few hours and it was still making the noise when stopping. It sounds like it only comes from the rear passenger side, but both sides look similar. I’ve attached both passenger and driver shoe and drum.
  6. Thank you Don, I'll check with my mechanic on Monday to see what hardware he has. I should be able to provide that Monday as well. The shoes and drums are probably 6 months old by now.
  7. Hello everyone! I have a 2011 Connect XLT with a little issue under the hood. Back in October I noticed white smoke faintly coming from under the hood and smelled like burning oil. I've opened up the hood and looked around and couldn't really pinpoint where the smoke was coming from, just really from the back of the engine towards the dash. I've attached a link to a video I took back in October of what it sounded like when I would open the hood shortly after stopping the engine. It no longer makes that bubbling sound, but I can still smell what smells like something burning in the engine bay. The van idle's for about 3-5 hours each day, with the heat on low and that's it. There is a workshop in the back of the van that I use so generally it stays put in one spot, sometimes it'll go around town and stop and idle. The smell doesn't get worse when driving or putting load on it, so I'm just looking to see if I can figure out what is causing it. I've replaced the valve cover gasket, and the PCV valve with no luck. It seems like there's oil spitting out where the gasket is located. I can't visually see oil leaking, but there looks to be fresh, wet oil sitting around where the gasket is located after I've cleaned the area. My local mechanic has retired and I'm hoping that this is something I can do myself to save some money. Here's the link to the video that shows the sound of something bubbling or gurgling, which the van doesn't do anymore, but hoping to pinpoint why it was doing that: https://youtu.be/nFBcGSm1QPg Thanks everyone for your ideas in advance!
  8. PTRWorkVan

    2011 burning smell from under the hood

    Just a quick update: while the van (thankfully) didn't overheat during my 300+ mile total trip, it still smells like something is burning faintly. It also sounds like something in the engine bay may be whining under wide open throttle. Last time I checked, I didn't have a Whipple supercharger under there, haha. The van doesn't go for long journeys too often, so I'll check out the rest little by little.
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    2011 burning smell from under the hood

    So I’ve finished replacing the cylinder head temp sensor & fan speed resistor on the TC and here are the updates. I ran the vehicle with hazards on, high beams on, AC on recirculating main vents on “4” (high), front and rear defrosters on, windshield wipers on just to stress test the vehicle for about 20 minutes with no overheating issues and the fan kicking on every minute or so to keep the engine cool. I’m going to run it for another few hours at my current setting (3/4 heat, and notch “1” (low interior fan speed, good for working in the back of the van) to see if it still smells like burning / shows fresh oil near the gasket. Update: I ran it for about 4 hours total, and the only smell I smelled was the engine degreaser burning off. I checked around the seal and no oil formed. I have to make a 250 miles run at the end of this week, so I’ll see what happens during that. Thanks again for all your help!
  10. PTRWorkVan

    2011 burning smell from under the hood

    Thanks for the reply. The area that was cleaned was around the valve cover gasket. Mostly around the drivers side, but it can be all around. I've also ordered a cooling fan resistor and Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor because I noticed the fans not turning on and the oil temperature start to overheat. I'm hoping this may help solve the issue.