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  1. Hello all. I'm getting rid of my beloved 1995 Nissan D21 Hardbody and buying a new work/camping vehicle. I'm shopping for a new TC SWB Cargo van ('17 or '18, haven't settled) and I'd like it's head unit to include Android Auto, the ability to view a backup camera, and, if possible, connect to the steering wheel controls, but I'm kinda allergic to the price of the premium stock stereo. Oh, I'm going to have it installed professionally. I've seen the Kenwood Excelon DNX693S suggested here and it's close to what I'm looking for. Here are my questions: Does anyone have experience with a similar unit that doesn't include a Nav system? Does anyone have pics of an installed DNX693S or similar aftermarket head unit they could share? Can one control the DNX693S (or similar) using the steering wheel buttons? I might be in the wrong sub for this last one but it's related: Stock vs aftermarket backup cam. Thoughts? Thanks for taking the time. I'm excited for my new toy.