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  1. Markc91

    Transit connect ECU not responding

    Unfortunately not - I have no power at all to the ecu ? Would that be caused my an immobiliser problem - tonight I'm going to check if there is power at the relay
  2. Markc91

    Transit connect ECU not responding

    Hi mrtn unfortunately my immobiliser light isn't giving me any codes it just flashes every 3 seconds as if it would when the vehicle is locked
  3. Hi guys new here! Apologies my first post is asking for help I have a 2004 connect . Parked up before Christmas no problem - got in it to go to work today and when I turn ignition on I only got ————— instead of mileage and it wouldn’t even crank over. glow plug and cog light stay on and immobiliser light flashes around every 3 seconds continuously . I disconnected the battery and re connected and then the mileage comes back but then as soon as I turn the ignition on my problem comes back i have tried a sensor check to see if Ecu is awake but there is nothing so it would seem my Ecu is asleep . I checked the common relay 8 but that isn’t my issue unfortunately . If someone else could shed some light I’d be eternally greatful