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  1. countrydude

    Stock Stereo Not Usable For Sub?

    Holy shit, Beta Don dropping knowledge and uncovering a clue revealing a twist in the plot! I tested each channel on its own by unplugging one cable at a time from the amp and here is what I got: Unplug right channel cable with fade to left; no affect. Unplug right channel cable with fade to right; no affect. Unplug left channel cable with fade to left; sub cuts out! Unplug left channel cable with fade to right; sub cuts out! Now WTF does that mean?? Both door speakers work fine...
  2. countrydude

    Stock Stereo Not Usable For Sub?

    My amp is a two channel that I have bridged down to one for the sub. It doesn't have a mono setting but I think the system automatically puts the two together when set up bridged. I had this system installed in a different car and didn't have any issues so I don't think it is an amp problem. Although the headunit driving it previously had a dedicated pre amp output... This is the amp I have: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/460658/Diamond-Audio-Technology-D5-300-2.html?page=11#manual Maybe there is something I missed? The LOC I have is super basic and only has level adjustments for each channel. I have the set equally but I fiddled with them when I was trouble shooting and it did really affect anything. Thanks y'all for the help so far!
  3. countrydude

    Stock Stereo Not Usable For Sub?

    The door speakers work fine. Not sure what you mean by "Did you check the output like it was before?"
  4. I've got an audio install problem that has me scratching my head with no ideas for cause/solution. I should mention I'm not really any kind of expert so that doesn't actually say much. Anyway... Here is my situation. I am installing a subwoofer in my 2010 TC using the stock stereo (basic model with bluetooth for phone calls, CD player, and an AUX input), amp under one seat and sub under the other. I tapped into the speaker wires at the back of the stereo using a line out converter since my amp only has low level inputs. After wiring everything else up and then testing it out I realized there was a problem: With the speaker balance set to the center the amp got very little signal but if I faded it left or right the signal would increase and the more I fade it to one side the stronger the signal gets. I fiddled with all the knobs making sure I there isn't a setting I missed or messed up and double checked all wiring. Eventually I concluded that I wired the LOC incorrectly and one of the inputs was out of phase so pulled out the head unit again and switched one of the positive and negative wire pairs to the LOC. That didn't work and now I have no idea what to do from here. Any one else have any problems like this? Does the head unit put out signals that happen to be just perfectly out of phase?