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  1. craziebob

    Useful Transit Connect Guide

    I have not seen a pop out window other then fix windows, but a camper conversion shop will have slider or pop out window you can chose the best fit look. There is roof vent pop ups that fit I think and not thru rain groove about 4" x 6". Walmart has window vent fans house type. I have tent ext for rear camping. Mine is cargo van $86 year road tax. http://www.vannin.com/showvans/events/2011Nationals/Ford/pages/IMG_3894.htm http://www.vannin.com/showvans/events/2011Nationals/Ford/pages/IMG_3895.htm
  2. craziebob

    converting a transit for camping

    Welcome. Mine is little work mainly driver and down by river weekend and truckins. The raised top looks good campers sean not raised are some what cramped in design. I have tent for back van.
  3. craziebob

    Hello From San Jose, CA!!!

    Welcome. Enjoy your van.
  4. craziebob

    What tyres for 18" rs wheels on TC?

    Welcome. Mine I kept 15 and spoke rims lower sporty look.
  5. craziebob


    Welcome. Mine is little work mainly driver and down by river weekend and truckins.
  6. craziebob

    Newbie from Mass.

    Welcome. Mine is little work mainly driver and down by river weekend and truckins. Look at transit connect photos can get some interior ideas there.
  7. craziebob

    Welcome from Ohio

    Welcome. How do you use your van? Mine is little work mainly driver and down by river weekend and truckins.
  8. craziebob

    Loosing Faith

    You bought used or new. If used the person work horse it hard. The Transit Connect department of US Ford will not reply back, that I have found out. The Transit Connect is Ford edsel of today. I have had small problems Overdrive warning came on and down to no speed turn off engine was OK. Blind spots looking thru mirrors they should have brought EU style mirrors. When it rains door openings are wet. It gets squirley in rain have to do most of the time between 50 to 55. Going thru mountains it is in overdrive most of the time. Going thru mountains on turns it wants to go high in turn. Going thru mountions turn AC off or become a bug on semi tractor hood. Brakes are very squirley too. I saw person in Flordia that had about 75 cement blocks in it.
  9. craziebob

    New TC Owner in Waterloo Ontario Canada

    I got this set of wheels at discount tires in states use the same stock tires. http://www.facebook.com/craziebob#!/photo.php?fbid=2204526002332&set=t.1029183613&type=1&theater
  10. My latest road trip in Connect Canada Vanfest 2300 miles both ways. Thru the Virginia and West Virginia Blue mountain range. I turn AC off in mountains power drop 330 miles tank gas and 388 miles tank gas flat land. Going into Canada Customs was not bad took my booze did not buy at duty free. The weather was great at truckin both vans and trucks, a lot of people look at Connect. Got award being first show. The US Customs was bad they act like did not want you back, search. Off of Vannin.com virtual http://vanfest.vandomain.com/ ken superbeast http://www.vannin.com/showvans/events/2011vanfest/Kenvansandtrucks
  11. craziebob

    Miras Poland

    Ours too is long wheel base, but we do not have extended version or diesel or manual trans. yet.
  12. craziebob

    connect turbo

    The UK Transit Forum may give more help subject.
  13. craziebob

    Finally a transit owner

    Try UK Transit Forum May be little helpful. Happy Truckin.
  14. craziebob

    fold out bed

    As of now no one I know of are making that type seat bed. I was thinkin maken a trifold bench seat bed add ext to front that with leg supports and try have it able to fold back when not in use. It need be high cooler so you can slide under the seat. If at that high all you need to do is fold down front seats. I put a full size air mattress on boxes and was able strech out that way, I have a twin air mattress on floor now and hits back door front seats. I have a trifold in a full size van, when made into a seat gives you even more room behind and under the guy made it square steel to hold 320 his size. There is lighter metal square what holds electrical on top ceiling.