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  1. rvansick

    2014 nirVANa build

    I just purchase the vanrug you have. Did you have to glue it down or does it just stay in place under the trim pieces? Having a hard time getting all the pieces back in.
  2. I would also be curious to hear more about this topic. Anyone?
  3. rvansick

    2014 nirVANa build

    You just gave me so many ideas! I didn't even know about the Van Rug! How is it holding up? Did you cut it out for you boxes or just put them on top of the rug? You just motivated me to do the sound deadening this weekend!
  4. Does anyone have any information about removing the door panels in a 2017 TC? Also I’m looking to find out how to remove the tweeter panels. Don’t really want to break my new van. Any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated!
  5. rvansick

    New Owner

    Just bought a brand new 2017 TC XLT Cargo Van. I'm planning out my camper van conversion now. Here to find ideas and and suggestions. Thanks for having me.