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  1. hugomax

    Engine cutting out

    Hi guys I bought a 2005 VJ Transit recently with the initiation to convert it into a camper and it has a fault I hope I can get some help with. After a short drive, the heater coil light starts flashing then the engine dies and then cuts out. While rolling to a stop I can put the clutch down and start it up again. And then it does it again a few hundred metres later. Next stop is to a mechanic to get it on a computer but it would be great if anyone has any ideas.
  2. hugomax

    Hello all _ Campervan Conversion

    Hello everyone and thanks for adding me. I have a 2005 VJ Transit high roof LWB. I plan to do a camper conversion once I rectify some initial mechanical faults. Currently living on the South Coast of NSW in Australia and will tour the country when the van is complete. I will post up some photos when I get going. Thanks everyone