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  1. Luckypants82

    Bulkhead Removal

    Thanks all, very helpful! They sell the van with the following options Mesh Bulkhead (moveable mesh bulkhead, fits behind 1st or 2nd row seats) Less Bulkhead 8 No idea what Less Bulkhead actually means, I'll ask the dealer and see what they say.
  2. Luckypants82

    Bulkhead Removal

    Hi, New to this forum, tried to search but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I am looking to buy a new Ford Transit Connect but slightly put off by the very large bulkhead (I'm looking to partially use it for a camper). I asked the dealer whether I could remove it but he said he couldn't as it is what the seatbelts connect to. Had a look during my test drive but that didn't seem to be the case, maybe for the middle seat but that is so uncomfortable that I would never use it. So I have the following questions: 1. Is the bulkhead structural, I have read somewhere that it isn't but somewhere else that it is 2. Why are they so big, I presume they are solely there to stop your cargo flying to the front. I imagine that they have the curved space as they are following the contours of the seats? 3. Can they and is it easy to remove them? Thanks for your help! Remco