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  1. My sister lives by herself in Palm Dessert, California and she bought a 2011 Ford Transit Van. It is doing some wacky sh** with her dash lights. They go off and at random blink. She bought the van as is and doesn't know an honest mechanic in Palm Dessert. It is obvious to me she has a ground short. This could be an expensive diagnosis and I'm wondering if there is a TSB or some factory support for this issue where it won't cost her to get it fixed. I tried searching "Electrical Short" and "Dash Lights Blinking" but got nothing. Anyone out there have this issue on their Transit? https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMVwThICPHAYPZfViXiD1rCdGIhR_6sHryzPdBdwvUsgA8Td1KeYRpeio4Df2ISTQ/photo/AF1QipP4AzgRYTbnImogmBFU7rFGy9VkWsmZhDFy4qUq?key=a0ZtUkxQTjByNm1nU3V2LU9VVFNvSmVnSHk5dWtR Thanks! Brett......