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  1. Thanks, G B L. The new intercooler arrived today. It has a hole, or a 'port', where the thrust sensor should go... so just screw the old sensor into the new port?
  2. The intercooler is split on my Ford Transit Connect 2004 1.8 Diesel. Can I replace it with the intercooler below: http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/c/Ford_Transit+Connect_1.8_2004/p/car-parts/cooling/car-cooling-parts-and-car-heating/intercooler/?229590070&1&1b2296bbfc50f136f3e782983d1aee91536a9409&000207 I don't think the intercooler above has a 'Thrust Sensor Outlet'. Does that matter? Attached are two pictures that show the engine and the current intercooler. Any help gratefully received. Thanks.