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  1. waxonstudio

    Missing switch on overhead dome light

    Thanks, mrtn. I see you're in the EU, I'm in the States, but maybe you can answer anyway: Tell me, how do I know if there's a Transit Connect of my year at a scrapyard ahead of time? What's the standard practice? Do I call ahead or just go out and wander around trying my luck? (Beginner question, I know)
  2. waxonstudio

    Missing switch on overhead dome light

    I just bought a used 2011 Transit Connect, got it home, and realized the switch is missing between the reading lights above the dash. No switch, just a spring inside. Currently it must be switched to OFF because the cargo lights don't come on whether the doors are open or closed. I've searched the internet for a replacement but can't find one (so far). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!