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  1. i Started driving around within a 75mile rad from home looking at TC, i was surprised to see some left over 15 & 16 and one 14 on the lots, and the prices are high for the left overs, what becomes of these cars, what do dealers end up doing. Chet
  2. maybe someone can shed some light on the AC options on cooling the TC, we travel with dogs to shows ect, we currently have a 2016 Subaru Forester, the AC is not the most efficient out there, we had a 2003 Dodge Caravan the AC was fantastic. so we are hoping the TC has better AC than the Subaru, i am reading about rear AC on the TC is this basically just ductwork to the rear or another AC unit for the rear, is the AC unit the same as in a TC cargo vs the wagon with seats., chet
  3. thanks for the replies, so now we are going to test drive the cargo type and the wagon with seats, we are 100% sure on the LWB model so far. we carry 2 dogs to shows and travel a few hundred miles, last year I purchased a new Subaru Forster, one thing i am not thrilled about is the poor air conditioning cooling in hot weather, i had to get a remote start installed and run the car awhile before we would get started so it would be cool for the dogs, going to start a question on cooling the transit connect. chet
  4. i have yet to test drive a TC, i have been reading that the models with the rear lift gate has a better view looking thru the rear view mirror, is this a noticeably difference over cargo doors chet
  5. i am going to give the transit connect a try, either a left over 2017 or wait for the 2018, i am located in north east pa area, i dont mind traveling to save and get a good deal, what is the best way to find a volume dealer for the TC. most dealers in my area dont seem to be too flexible on prices and only have 3 or 4 in stock normally and they are white, not interested in white, if anyone can pass along some info where i may find a dealer who offers a good deal and has a good inventory, or how would i do a search of a volume dealer. thanks chet
  6. chetc

    north east PA joining in

    Hi new member here, thinking of a new 2018 transit connect chet