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  1. BanzaiTree

    Hello from Santa Cruz, California

    Thanks, Doc! Unfortunately, I think maybe I'm too much of a beginner for this forum. I'm just trying to figure out how to remove interior fasteners ( ) but haven't gotten any responses yet. If you know of any other resources I might be able to use to help me with my newbie questions, I'd appreciate it! Thanks again.
  2. [editing my post to clarify my question] How do I remove these circle pin/fastener things? I need to take my floor liner out but I'm not sure how to remove these without damaging them. Thank you!
  3. BanzaiTree

    Hello from Santa Cruz, California

    Hi everyone, I just bought a 2013 Transit Connect XL yesterday for the purpose of making it into a camper. It's in pretty good shape, although there is an odor is emanating from underneath the cargo area floor covering so I want to get under there & give it a good cleaning. That's my first task of many that I need to do before I take it on a big road trip in June. I'm hoping this forum will be a good resource for this project. Thanks!