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  1. So the only difference between the 75hp and 90 - 115hp is just the turbo? Possible injectors also? If it is the same engine configuration i thought i would get 115hp with a ecu tune but i "only" get 90hp.... Also do you know if the egr pipe can be blocked or will it cause engine fault/limp home mode?
  2. Hi, just got my first Ford Transit Connect 2007 1.8 75hp My question is, the mark on the rear says tdci.... but I think i might have the tddi engine? My engine code is R2PA.... Anyone know ehat kind of engine it is? And what is the diffrence between this 75hp and the 90/115hp? If i get a ecu tune up i get 90hp... Why so? Are the injector diffrent? turbo? Can i swap a 115hp injector/turbo to my engine and get 115hp? Best regards from Chris, Norway
  3. Hi, just got my self my first Ford Connect. Its a 2007 Ford Connect Transit. 1,8 TDCI 75hp.... It has had a yearly service all its life, but i cannot see any sticker in the engine room or in the service manual that confirms any timing belt change? Its milage is 159.000km / 98 800 miles. The marker on the rear door says Tdci.... But i belive its a tddi engine? Im not sure... What is the interval for timing belt replacement? Best Regards from Norway