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  1. thanks ~Martin. I don't understand what you have written. "This LED" ?? - there only is one LED on the RPM dial. For four year it flashed evey few seconds and now it remains on permanently. what do you mean "when the key is registered"? What do you mean with the long code " " ? Big Bank 2017 01 12 20:57:56
  2. Thanks Martin. It is now Tuesday and I have been waiting for a reply and am surprized that not a single person answered. I got no notification that anyone responded and today before checking in other perhaps more serious sites I examined the whole page and found that I had "a notification" in the top corner indicating that in fact someone had responded! Ford do not bother with informing their customers. They let the customers find help from other customers. Apple do the same. I appreciate very much your reply and thank you for making the effort to help me. LCD is a liquid crystal display. There are several LCDs on the display in the dashboard, but there are no messages of any faults. The red light remains on. Strange how a company can make a product which develops a fault and then are able to use the customer's ignorance or inability to decipher codes without those customers being able to return exactly the same amount of discomfort/annoyance/displeasure to those who designed these devious tricks in the first place, but instead are grateful for once again being told to open their wallets so that an undisclosed amount can be removed. That is what I know will happen when I go to a "Ford Dealer" for help - the last time I let someone connect their computer to my Serial Port hidden in the car I was told that the previous mechanic was right - I would need to pay something like 3000€ for a repair. Not wishing to throw my money in that direction I instead took the advice of a cyclist in my neighbourhood and changed the diesel filter - it cost me less than 50€ and it was achieved in less than an hour. The vehicle has been across Europe several times since without incident. The previous "professionals" had taken days and almost a week for the second and were obviously only interested in stealing money in a pretense of helping. Thankfully to date all the built in faults or obsolescence tricks are trivial, such as breakable plastic holders falling apart, clips designed to crack, bulbs installed in such a way that much pain is necessary in order to replace them. But as I say about the Apple computer - it is a load of trash, but sadly the best trash available. Big Bank 2017 01 10 12:52 GMT
  3. I have enjoyed the use of my Transit Connect for five years and in the "RPM x 1000 meter" above the clock is a LED. This used to flash every five seconds or so and I assumed that it was some sort of dummy alarm. A day ago the light no longer flashed but remained on constantly. Can anyone tell me what this means? Everything else seems to be ok in the car and in the "user's manual" it is shown but no indication can be found telling what it is for. Thanks Big Bank 2017 01 07 16:36 GMT