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  1. I just bought a 2011 TC XLT and am having problems with the lock/unlock mechanism using the key in the driver side door. I turn it to lock, and I can hear that it locks all the doors as it is supposed to, but before I can even remove the key from the door, the drivers door unlocks again. In other words, I can't figure out how to lock the drivers door...it's like it is sensing it needs to unlock itself? The van had been modified by the prior owner with wires to the rooftop, and a couple more that ran the meter, but those items have been removed. It makes me wonder if there is an electrical issue, and if so, any tips on finding and fixing? Also to note, if I don't turn the key in the door and watch to see that the radio and dash lights turn off, and walk away with them on, the car won't start when I come back. I have to make sure I have turned the key the right way, even though it isn't locking. Sorry, hard to follow the problem here, but at this point, I'd almost rather just disable all automatic locking and/or disable all the wires that aren't currently connected to anything important. Electrical issues can really wear a guy out!