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  1. Dannyboy2005

    '59 Connect Sport Exhaust

    Fifty150 I have seen these but as exhausts differ in the angle it will be a challenge to find the correct angle one to suite and look neat. I will ring them up tomorrow and find out Many Thanks Dan
  2. Dannyboy2005

    Blown bulbs on electric window switch.

    The headlight switch has a faulty bulb in it too.
  3. Dannyboy2005

    '59 Connect Sport Exhaust

    I'm not after performance, It's purely atheistic that I want.
  4. Dannyboy2005

    '59 Connect Sport Exhaust

    I picked up my Connect Sport on Saturday, it's like a go cart and knocks sport off my 08 Connect that I had. Not as quick as i had thought going from a 90Bhp to a 110Bhp but i didn't boot it on the test drive. I know these sports were quite rare and had the option of either a spoiler (which i have) or go fast stripes down the middle. Looking on google to see what people have done and a few have these exhausts as attached. My friend has a similar van (coincidence) and is after the exhaust too. He said that Ford sell it as a 'bolt on' exhaust tip at £199.99 but he can't warrant spending this money on a exhaust tip. I asked my wife who works at a crash repair centre if she can get in contact with Ford and find out a trade price. Ford are saying that its an after market part and they don't do it. I have looked all over the next for the last 3 days and I can't find a thing except 'universal' tips on eBay. These don't look like the ones in the photo though and i don't want to buy one as I will know these wont fit. Question is, where do I get one from and do the still make them? Thanks Dan
  5. Has anyone fitted aftermarket HID's on their connect? If so, where did you get them from and did they cause any problems with the ECU/ warning lights? I'm worried that if i installed a set that it would effect the wiring and make the ECU think the current is too high? Thank Dan
  6. Dannyboy2005

    Blown bulbs on electric window switch.

    Sounds expensive as it'll be on a PCB.
  7. Dannyboy2005

    Blown bulbs on electric window switch.

    I've got a blown bulb that illuminates the electric windows and also a blown bulb that illuminates the head light switch. I'm guessing access to these bulbs are very simple by carefully removing the housing and seeing the bulb behind it. The question is, what bulbs are used to illuminate the above? Many Thanks Dan
  8. With the sports model they come with half leather seats. This is a vast improvement to my old seats. I have noticed that the sports model passenger seat doesn't fold down to allow for longer loads. 1) Was there an option for fold down seats when bought from new 2) What's the chances of finding a foldable passenger seat in a sports trim so this can be done? Thanks
  9. I'm going to get a connect sport shortly and with the obvious trim package and a more powerful engine with disk brakes on the rear, has the handling been improved on this model? stuffer suspension or a thicker anti roll bar? Thanks