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    17" Ford Wheels that fit

    Thanks for the info, I didn't know I could get those details from TireRack. I could get a set of new aftermarket wheels but my past experience has been that OEM wheels are always of the best quality and are a good bet even if they are used. Now that I have these specs I will see if I can find the specs on some of the Ford wheels I see on Craigslist and hopefully there will be a match.
  2. e21pilot

    17" Ford Wheels that fit

    I have a 2016 TC with 16" wheels and snow tires which are perfect for the season. However I'm going to be spending some time in the southern states starting in January and was thinking of getting some all-seasons with perhaps some sharp 17" wheels. I see lots of used Ford OEM aluminum wheels on craigslist and many in full sets of 4 for good prices. I know not all Ford 17" wheels fit on the TC because of back space etc. but wondering if someone has done the leg work to figure out which other Ford wheels are known to be a good fit for the 2016 TC.