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  1. Set of 4 rubber mats for a 2014+ SWB passenger wagon, original Ford. Great shape used except I trimmed the passenger front because it did not fit well against the underside of the dash. I will take $80 including ground shipping to you. See pics! I can take PayPal, Venmo, or ? Thanks
  2. Hello has anyone changed their factory non-powered rear view mirrors to powered versions? I’m wondering if the wiring is possibly there already for the mirrors and/or the switch, and they just need to be installed and plugged in. I have a 2019 XL LWB wagon. Thanks
  3. Hi, just took my 2016 SWB Wagon to the dealership on 2/6/17 to have this recall work done, and the rear sliding doors now require excessive force to open them from the outside. This is the recall for the faulty pawl spring tab on the rear sliding door's latches. The recall number is 16S30 "SIDE DOOR LATCH REPLACEMENT". I would estimate it takes at least 4 times the strength to pull the outside door handle than it previously took. My pre-teen daughters now cannot open the doors. Has anyone else had this recall work done yet? I'm wondering if this is an issue with Ford's repair parts, or if my dealership has screwed up. Thanks for the feedback!