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  1. roadkingsrule

    Adding Remote Start

    I recently purchased a 2015 TC XLT LWB 2.5, & want to add Remote Start. Vehicle has remote locks already. I see kits for approx $125 on Ebay. Not sure if Ford offers an OEM kit. Anybody on here add the feature to theirs?
  2. roadkingsrule

    Clunk when accelerating

    I have a similar issue: 2015 XLT, 21K miles, 2.5 auto, bought used from a Ford Dealer 3 months ago. "Thunks" when accelerating to pass or when coasting, then accelerating. Still under warranty & haven't had time to take to Dealer yet. I'm a former professional mechanic, it feels to me like a bad motor or trans mount. Also, transmisiison seems to take longer than normal to engage when shifting from fwd to reverse or vice-versa.