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  1. Manny Khan

    Ford transit

    Hi I'm manny My ford transit cuts out while idling Thot it was accelerator sencor changed that but still no difference . any help will b great thanks
  2. Manny Khan

    Lwb ford transit

    No it's not got stop start its been fine till a few days ago tht started happning the van a 56 plate
  3. Manny Khan

    Lwb ford transit

    Why does my van cut out whn I'm idling any help will b great
  4. Manny Khan

    Welcome, Manny Khan

    Hi my names manny Iv had an issue with my lwb transit the last few days every time my van is idling it cuts of not sure what it can b any help will b great thanks .
  5. Manny Khan

    Ford transit

    While my transit is idling it cuts off iv had it in the garage but no help any one know y this is happening any feed back will b great .