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  1. Sharon85

    2015 "shimmy" on start

    I would say it last 10 to 15 seconds if I do nothing.
  2. Sharon85

    2015 "shimmy" on start

    The RPMS are lower than 1k. However transit connects are not equipped with an IAC, it's controlled by an electronic throttle body.
  3. Sharon85

    2015 "shimmy" on start

    It's definitely neither of those two recalls.
  4. Hi all. New here. I have a 2015 titanium connect. Love it. Bought it new with about 20 miles on it flash forward to the past 8 months, I'm at about 50k miles. When I turn the key in the ignition and start the engine the entire front end will "shake" as if it is going to stall out but it never has. If I have my foot on the brake BEFORE turning the ignition, it will never do it. If I put my foot on the accelerator WHILE it is shaking it will immediately stop. It ONLY does it on ignition, never while idling or moving. It has been in to the dealer, and they did a computer reset which stopped the problem for roughly 2 months, then it's started back up, occasionally at first and now almost every time I start it. Thoughts?