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  1. I need to see routing of the Coolant Hoses at the left front on my engine. I have replaced the EGR Valve on my engine and I don't know where the small hose running from the Thermostat Housing and also a small hose running from the expansion tank to the same location near the battery box. Anyone got a page from the service manual showing the hoses?
  2. correllbil

    Repair manual. Lemme try

    I use the DIY Manual provided online by Chilton. The link is http://www.chiltondiy.com/. I paid $29.95 for an annual subscription. It come with access to 4 vehicles. It has been great for me as I had to make some repairs to my 2015 ford Transit T150.
  3. correllbil

    Where does hose go?

    I need to know where the small hose from the plastic Thermostat housing goes to. I have replaced the EGR Valve and when I finished I find that he hose just ends below the battery box and Coolant pours from it. I can't find any where the hose should connect. I will post a photo of the hose.
  4. correllbil

    Replacement Engine

    Has anyone replace the engine in their Connect with a Focus 2K engine? My engine is very noisy and I have to max out my radio to hear. Thinking maybe a good Focus setup would work out real nice and still get good fuel mileage.
  5. I am having a problem with my sliding doors not unlocking. It started with the Drivers Side Door but now the Passenger Side is also not unlocking. I disabled the drivers side by removing the contacts but I don't really want to do that to the other door. When I press the unlock on the keyfob, the locking mechanism doesn't respond. It seems to be an intermittent problem. Anyone got a idea of how to fix it?