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  1. OK, i'm back. I have been driving the car with the light taped up, yeah, lazy. Well, I just purchased a replacement light for my van so should have some info on changing it in a few weeks. * The pheasant wasn't in any condition to eat, but it would have been very tender!
  2. I didn't get a chance to go hunting this year, so instead I bagged a pheasant on I-90 yesterday with my LH headlight. The score was about even,- Pheasant 0 Headlight 0. The front glass/plastic is all gone, but no body damage which with it being a big old bird at 80mph is impressive. It looks like the front of the car has to come off to replace the headlight(?) really?, how did Ford make a simple task so complicated. So, looking for information and tips on the simplest way to go about this job. many thanks in advance!