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  1. Thejwhoa

    Weird issue,car stutters,fuel issue?

    It's getting progressively better,I'll get some sea foam and I guess some injector cleaner too,and put some higher octane fuel in it as well once it drops further.haven't drove it much maybe 50 miles
  2. Thejwhoa

    Weird issue,car stutters,fuel issue?

    I'd like to think that,but this would be the first time in my life it's ever happenend.I've gotten crap gas that was below the specified octane level before,thank god for it being an older hunk of crap car.so what drain the entire tank and fill it back up?my old man thought I had water in the tank,but how would I get 30 plus Miles of no trouble at all?wondering if the fuel pump is bad at this point,but it starts and idles fine
  3. My 2010 connect xlt,90k on the clicker all the sudden develops an issue overnight.I lean on the gas and it shudders and spits like it's running out of gas.above 40 if I can make it there,it's progressively worse like it's going to die.no check engine light on ,no dash lights,no anything.yesterdsy I went to get gas put in 3/4 tank,went 33 miles and woke up to this.I'm at a loss here.anyone have any ideas?any recalls or tsb I need to be aware of?