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  1. Watson Sanders

    2015 rubber strips on sliding doors?

    There was a recall on the 2014 for the panel in the sliding doors not being properly glued (glued? and not spot welded go figure). I have a 2015 and the driver side sliding door panel is coming loose. I talked with Ford and they are aware of the problem but there's not been enough complaints to trigger a recall on the 2015. So if yours is coming loose call Ford. Or if yours had to be fixed and you kept the receipt call Ford and report it. Once they get enough complaints they will issue a recall and if you've already had yours fixed you will be reimbursed.
  2. Watson Sanders

    Camper Conversion

    I'm seeing ppl making beds out of wood. I'm wondering about taking a regular twin metal frame, cutting the width to 29 or 30 inches and welding it. It would be lighter than a wood frame and less apt to give problems. If you needed to shorten the length that'd be easy as well.
  3. So this is where the Ford Dealer really screwed me over. I was assured by the salesman that the side rails could be installed aftermarket as for the most part they didn't come with the rails. What he failed to mention was that the cost for just the side rails was $1300.00. Then the parts dept. said the side rails were not even available as an aftermarket item. They sold me the luggage rack, which they installed. What they didn't mention was that the rack was for a Transit, not a Transit Connect. To fit the brackets had to be turned around. Which wasn't a big deal as the bars didn't stick out more than the side mirrors. But then the 1st rain and it leaked big time. The holes aren't round but oval. Who would put in oval holes? We tried to silicone the holes but because of how the brackets fit nothing worked. So now I have brackets sitting in the shed that are worthless and still need something. Oh, and the plugs that were in the holes, they threw away so I had to buy new plugs. At least they were only a couple of dollars. This hasn't been a very enjoyable experience to say the least.
  4. Watson Sanders

    roof insulation

    I think you mean reflectix (http://www.reflectixinc.com/). It reduces the reduces the rate of radiant heat transfer I'm not sure what it does about sound proofing tho. I'm thinking maybe a sandwich of reflectix with acoustic foam panels in the middle but would the spray on adhesive hold it all together and on the ceilings and walls? IDK. I've been watching a lot of YT videos and I'm not sure I want to use wood paneling like many have. But I'm open to suggestions as we need to do something for the heat and sound. I didn't realize how noisy the cargo area would be.
  5. 2015 TC and dealer ordered part #BK3Z-61550A82-B. This is the 4 cross bars that bolt to the existing holes that are plugged. No side rail, non-adjustable, so that stinks. Local prise was $435.75 + tax. Then you have to install the crossbars. I have a Sears XCargo luggage carrier that hopefully will fit. But yeah the dealer was not very helpful. If not for me searching on the Internet I don't know that I would have gotten this far.
  6. Walmart sells a cube organizer system that fits perfect between the rear door and sliding door. Holds 6 of their collapsable cubes. It's plastic tubes and 4 particle board shelves so there's almost no weight. I used a bungee cord near the top to hold it in place. The wheel well causes a slight tilt keeping the cubes in place.
  7. Watson Sanders

    Courtesy mirror in driver's visor

    2015 XLT comes with driver side visor mirror. I don't know if the 2013 XLTs did or not or even if the mounting is the same but the parts dept or a junk yard could probable yield the results.
  8. Watson Sanders

    Ford Transit Conversions

    I'd like to see what he came up with as well.