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    Problem with Radio when tuned into Sirius

    I had the same issue with Sirius after turning off the vehicle. The radio would show the last song that was playing but no sound. Turning it on/off "solved" the problem. I had the vehicle in for another reason and mentioned it to the service writer. They fixed the problem, with an update I believe. Hasn't done it since. If your vehicle has MyFordTouch there is a delay option for the rear view camera. However, not sure if that is your issue since you say it happens periodically. .
  2. Wanted to update that I ended up leasing a 2014 Titanium with Panoramic roof. Some thoughts after a little less than 1000 miles: * Rear heater, while agree is essentially useless, has so far proved to be not much of an issue. Driven in single degree temps and my two boys never said it was too cold when asked. * Lots of room. Boys say it is the best vehicle we have had. They call it a bus. * Seat does not provide enough thigh support in my opinion. We will be taking a 1000 mile trip later this summer - will see how it does on the long trip * Sync works as it should. Stereo is acceptable but not quite as good as my other vehicles. Navigation works as it should. * Sunglass holder feels very cheap and seems prone to breaking easily (although no issues thus far). * I had no problem with moving the rear seats around although they are not the simplest to do. * Someone else complained about no interior light option from the driver's seat. At least with the titanium with roof, there is a switch. * I like the quirky look and there are very few around. I'll report some more later after living with it awhile longer.
  3. I would appreciate opinions of anyone who owns one. I have two young kids (one booster seat the other a full child seat) and like the idea of more space. I suspect the third row seats will be folded flat 95% of the time. Would be moving from a Fusion. Some of my questions - Good for family trips on the highway? Wind noise? I am used to the Sony multi-speaker system in the Fusion - is the TC radio any good? Any thing else I should know? Thanks in advance!