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  1. A fellow reader to these forums helped me out big time by selling me his stock T/C CD Radio (the one that came in mine was only AM-FM Radio) Now it says 08/12/2009 on the date. And yesterday it was 08/11 so it is switching days. I went thru the process of resetting the time, and the date..and it flips right back to that August date when I go to save the current date. Is there a goofy Transit-esque trick to this? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Closed Circuit to Roger: I was out of the country last month. I have had my office guy send you back your removal keys. If we are too late with this, let me know and I will pay for ytou having to replace them
  2. Hmmm..owners books says "push MENU" and scroll thru the Bass..Treble..Balance..etc"..IF I push "menu" Here's all I get: Scan MAN <SCAN> VEH ID ..and back to the top. Anything not "unlocked"? or do I need to upgrade to get a bass/treble" function. This is a basic XL with just the front seats, and crank windows etc...and the basic radio (No CD or Aux features) How much to upgrade to a better factory radio? Anyone out there want to sell the one that came with thiers after installing an aftermarket unit?