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  1. escobar

    AUX input not working

    I ordered it, cant wait till its here. Happy New year to you guys!
  2. escobar

    AUX input not working

    yes, I looked at them all. They go into a wiring harness to the back of the radio.
  3. escobar

    AUX input not working

    interesting, so i would just plug my XM radio into that and it would play over a FM station? thats a viable option for sure. thanks bud
  4. escobar

    AUX input not working

    thanks guys, I changed out the radio and it made no difference. I also did the procedure GBL mentioned and nothing...I dont get it. I'll die if I have to listen to FM radio lol
  5. escobar

    AUX input not working

    thats what i was thinking but i dont know what else it could be. the wires to the aux jack are fine.
  6. escobar

    AUX input not working

    Found one on ebay for 99. we will see if that does the trick. I have to have XM radio!
  7. escobar

    AUX input not working

    yes the AM-FM works fine, cd plays. I got a new 3.5mm plug from ford and it made no difference. I guess the radio is shot.
  8. Its a 2010 Transit Connect XLT. I have my XM radio plugged into the headphone jack and it will not play any sound. I tried a different cord and device with no success. Need a new radio??
  9. escobar

    AC tube replacement

    yea im gonna take it to a pro to recharge. The leak was easy to find, two hoses rubbed against each other and caused a hole. I have a new hose on the way and will put it on, just have to get it recharged.
  10. escobar

    AC tube replacement

    I have a hole in my AC tube on my transit. I have attached a pic, its #14. Re charging my system, is this something I can do with one of those cans at auto zone? thanks
  11. it was the bearing. thanks guys!
  12. ok cool, I know a good machine shop that did the work on my head. Im sure they can do it. thanks guys, i'll keep you posted if thats it.
  13. Thats what I am thinking as well. From what I have found, you can buy the bearing but have to get it pressed in, you cant buy the whole assembly. Is this something any shop can do or do I need to take it to ford?
  14. So my 2010 transit connect is making a annoying sound from the front end now. It was doing something similar a few months back, but would get louder the faster I went, I changed the right halfshaft bearing and it went away. Now, its doing it again but different. It sounds like I have mud tires on the van, best way to describe the sound. Plus, there is a slight vibration I can feel in the pedals. When I take a turn to the left only, it goes away. Could that bearing have gone bad again? As I speed up it gets better so im thinking thats not it, its probably the worst at 45-55mph. Im thinking wheel bearing or possible CV joint? I jacked the car up and laid under it while it was in gear and going about 45 and really couldnt hear much, so Im kinda leaing to maybe a wheel bearing. Just wanted to see what you think and what a good way to nail down the cause is. thanks!
  15. escobar

    Help replacing piston rings

    for sure, i'll be lurking the forums