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  1. The Mirrors - Auto-dimming with Homelink, Compass and Temperature Display cannot be installed on systems which have SYNC installed. I love my TC, but the I really miss not having the exterior temperature and compass displayed. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. I am about to purchase a Transit Connect. Although I have no immediate plans to convert, I do want to buy the kit just in case I want to upgrade in the future. My dealer doesn't want to sell it to me, saying that it is just a mounting kit and is unnecessary. I think it is in order to have the correct valves. Also, can you tell me a little bit more about CPG? My dealer says that all the capacity of the van would be consumed by a large propane tank. What I read in other posts seems to indicate that the CPG option would requrie much less space. Any insight that could be provided would be most appreciated. Thank you, Angela P.S. I am in California. If CPG is feasible, what do conversions run?