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  1. Well, I've poked around here a bit and, while I've seen swap-out alternatives and all kinds of help and advice (which really ROCKS to have so many people able and willing to guide from their Transit experiences), I haven't come across (or I plain-old just missed) a thread about retro-fitting an older Transit with the new SYNC. You could say I'm kind of "out of the loop" on these things. Then again, I've owned my Transit for over a year now and, honestly, that time's passed in something of a blurry flash for me. I've put 20K on the odometer, carried sound/lighting equipment all over the state (FL) and even been in a parade with it in Atlanta last year (before anyone asks: www.flickr.com/photos/tyrusflynn/6697348389/in/photostream :-p) So while looking for a reference pic of my little silver space ship I came across the attached pic as part of a Transit listing. Serious news to me that Ford has listened to us and added SYNC as an option for 2012! Since the radio has been something of a HUGE disappointment to me (I'm a professional DJ and run an event production company), and given that I rather like the SYNC in my friend's Fiesta, I'd -love- to hear any input people might have about the viability of retrofitting a new Transit SYNC into my 2011 dash. And, yes, I'm not afraid of getting dirty, I know how to wire vehicles and I have opposable thumbs in good working order. ;-)
  2. Shadowfax

    led lights for interior

    I just signed for my TC today (I take delivery around the end of the week after Ford's done some mods I ordered) and one of the first things I'm planning is to swap out the interior lights for aftermarket LEDs - and probably add a few to the interior while I'm at it. I like the floorboard and overhead compartment lighting ideas. Good job!! :-)