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Solo Wolf

Weird question about the SYNC

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Newbie here with another question. 😉  I have my bluetooth connected to the SYNC, so I can play Spotify. (I have to reconnect almost time because it has Alzheimers and forgets me each time I restart the car, but whatever. It's not hard if I use Voice command and say "bluetooth audio".) The weird thing is that about 2/3 the time, it won't disconnect when I turn the car off & open/close the door and lock it. (!) It would sit there playing my radio till the battery runs out, if I'm within range. The only fix I found so far is to turn the power button to SYNC off. It WILL reliably turn off if the passenger door is opened. However, I prefer not to have to walk around the car and stand in the snow every day to do this 😂 so....  Ideas? 🙂 

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