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ABS & Traction Control Alerts after Front Impact Bar Replaced

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It’s been a couple years that I’ve wrestled with this.  Got into a fender bender a couple years ago, rear ended ‘70’s Chevy pickup where the truck’s hitch put a huge dent in my front bumper and bent the impact bar.

It was a day’s work to remove the bumper, cut off the old bar, bolt on the new bar and then the tedious job of mounting a new bumper assembly.  But it all came together fine.

The weird thing was immediately afterwards, my ABS and Traction Control lights came on.  Since then, when I’ve taken the car in for checkups or tune ups, they’ve all been baffled as to why the alerts are lighting up.  They all said sensors are performing as they should, ABS module appears to be functioning correctly.  That it’s likely an internal wiring issue.  I’m fairly certain the ABS is completely non-functional as well.  It hasn’t presented any safety concerns, I’ve had my fair share of non-ABS cars, but it is nice to have!

I’m wondering if it’s a ground fault, maybe when I cut off the impact bar or pulled the bumper a wire came detached that belongs to the ABS system?


Any ideas?  Any info I’m not supplying that might sprout some ideas?

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1. Do the warning lights stay on all the time?

2. Does your steering wheel become stiffer to turn when on ?

I have a 2016 and mine have started illuminating at start up go out once the vehicle warms up ?? Btw, had a mouse for a couple days until the blower wheel killed it..... electrical clinches ever since !! 


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