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Add same model seats to cargo van?

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Hi all,

Couldn't find an answer to this through searching...

Been combing around a while for a deal on a 2010-13 version. I've heard this original model was made so all shipped to the US were "fitted" as passenger wagons to avoid import tax.


If I buy a cargo version, are the passenger seat attachments still available somehow so that I could drop the bench in later (assuming I could find a used bench)? I saw another post about this, but couldn't tell if it was a. The original model being discussed, it b. If the cargo version has permanent hardware changes that would make adding the appropriate model/year TC bench in.


Any thoughts appreciated! Forum is super helpful as I plan my purchase!


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I don't know anything about the year you're referring to.  I just bought a new 2017 model.  In modifying it, I found out there are no fittings for additional seats.  I don't want to put them in ... just an observation while doing other stuff to it.

Good luck with yours, though.

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