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Transit Connect convertible bed/storage platform

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FOR SALE: Van Camper Convertible Bed/Storage platform

$650 OBO

LOCATION: Arlington, VA

- Custom made convertible storage / bed platform to suit a Ford Transit Connect LWB (2014- Present)
- 3 boxes start as benches with a fold out platform to support a near queen size bed.
- Made of 3/4 inch birch plywood. CNC cut to fit, affix the stock mount points on a transit connect via turnbuckles. So is easily removable.
- Memory Foam Mattress with outdoor covers.
- One of the boxes supports installation of a second auxillary battery with additional wiring if you were to install a low amp DC-DC charger.

CAD plans are available if anyone is interested. 


Folded Away 2.jpg

Folded Away.jpg

Folded Out No Mattress.jpg

Smaller Box.jpg

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