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Turn Signal Bulb Socket

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Hey gang! 2010 XLT owner here.

Had one of my front turn signals go out late last year, replaced the bulb and all was well.

A couple months later the other one goes out - change the bulb and no dice. Took the entire bulb/socket from the working signal and dropped it into the non-working assembly and it works fine. Took the "malfunctioning" bulb/socket and dropped it into the working assembly and it doesn't work.

So it appears that the socket that the bulb plugs into - and you then screw that into the assembly - has gone bad.

Anything I should look at with the socket itself that might be "fixable" before I scrap it and just order a new one? It appears it is part number 13k370 and runs about $18 or so....

Thanks in advance!

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