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Stop ad go is all about the converter, lots of heat!

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Every car has it's own range of where the temperatures for the engine coolant/cylinder head, and transmission fluid, sort of "settle".  For whatever reason, each car is somewhat unique, and it's hard to even compare 2 cars of the same model with similar equipment.   Drive any car long enough, and you will notice where that range is.  I see that my Transit Connect coolant temperature  can be as low as 181 at freeway speed, and soars to 210+ on city streets.  The transmission fluid temperature on my car will run from 195 - 210.  These are numbers I look at towards the end of the day, after all day of driving.  Where highway speeds and better airflow lower the coolant temp significantly, the transmission temperature lowers when I'm sitting in PARK.  It makes sense that the transmission fluid increases as I'm driving, and lowers when the car is in PARK.  I haven't seen 225 - 250, which would cause for alarm.


In my mind, because I'm old, that little heat exchanger on the Transit Connect appears inadequate.  But in reality, despite my personal bias,  it does work.  I haven't seen any overheating.  I have yet to read reports of overheating from members on this forum.  If the fluid cooler bypass valve closes between 180 - 190 like most Fords, then it is working.  Transmission fluid remains above 180 once the car is warmed up.  The scare is that the bypass valve does not close, and the transmission fluid loops back to the return line, without cooling.  

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