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Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

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When I went to Yellowstone on my motorcycle I found ethanol free gas easy to find in Nebraska and westward.  It was great, with a small tank I had to be very mindful of fuel mileage and really like the additional mileage from E0!  In the TC and other cars I put whatever is in available in it but will buy E0 if available.  Not going to use E15 if at all possible.  Found this gas station in Kansas (which has the fewest gas stations of anywhere Iv'e ever been).  I run E10 in my scooters and even though they sit for sometimes a couple of months Ive never had a problem with them.  Seems like the blend and additives are pretty good from my experience.  Not sure about other brands or cheaper gas.  Scooters and motorcycle use so little gas I never look at the price, I'll even use premium in the scooters from time to time although it not necessary but at 80 or 100 MPG the cost is very small.


Second photo is Wyoming - since I only got 2.12 gallons wonder how much ethanol was in the hose before the good stuff started flowing into my tank.



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