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the OH CRAP tote

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On 2/17/2019 at 2:13 AM, mrtn said:

I have the same floor jack. 



I'm a tool whore.  I have a lot of tools.  Not to mention that I have about a dozen jacks of different sizes & designs.  Low profile, SUV/Truck with extended neck, bottle jacks, Hi-Lift, et cetera.


That little one with the case is one of my favorites since it's portable, and able to lift a lot of small cars.  

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12 hours ago, Fifty150 said:

Those are "bling bling" pickups.  Work trucks are typically XL & XLT models at best.  Those guys might as well be doing construction work in designer jeans, and wearing Rolex watches. My dad also told me that you could wear a Rolex for the cost difference between a work truck & a show off truck. 


Most normal contractors drive Rangers and Hiluxes, some Nissans and Isuzus, but these are minority.


I never have and never will understand the bling watch fetish. I get it if your business involves hanging out with wrinkly old white dudes on a golf course but other than that - a G-Shock or even the F-91W should do just fine on a normal work day.

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Only watch I need for work is a Timex.


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