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Painting body moldings

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On 6/20/2018 at 2:15 PM, PhotoAl said:

My first thought was to spray them with Plasti Dip, it’s matt but they have a glossifier.  I think it’s possible to paint, I’m no expert, seems like the paint is the same as used for plastic bumper caps - has a flex agent or something in it.  


Another fan of PlastiDip. Stuff is way more durable than you'd think and you can get a real nice finish with it with a bit of practice. I always use that for painting my wheels and such. Easy to peel off and change colors if you want to go with something different too.


Also works on tail lights - don't like em, paint em!  I've seen a few YT videos showing how to tint lights using one coat of black and a couple or three coats of clear ... 

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