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eTrailer.com Curt Trailer Hitch Installed

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22 hours ago, Fifty150 said:

Sounds like you are making it work for you.   


There's a triangle shaped plastic trim piece in front of your mirror and behind the door hinge.  Remove that. You will see a hole which will allow you to run wire into the cabin.  Then you can run your wires into the van, and to the rear, right alongside the OEM wire run. 


I was trying to figure out how to get that off, but didn't want to break it. I reckon that will probably require the panel trim tools to safely remove it, yea? For right now, the wire comes out just ahead of that triangle, goes around the outside and then back into the door opening - ghetto as all get out, but I didn't want to chance breaking that piece of triangle plastic. But at least my van and the wire are both black (who knows why Curt would send black for the positive power, although it uses a white ground - which is house wiring color scheme, white neutral).

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Here is a view of my wire going into the void next to the door hinge.  I am using 3 wires because my lighting is set up that way.  You should be using 2 wires, for power and ground.


IMG_20181227_101107462.thumb.jpg.384b57bfb10e892742d4298f3ef10ca6.jpgRelated image


Your wire should exit right behind the wheel well.  From there, pop off the plastic fastener to peel back your sill plate which runs along the unibody pinch seam.  Insert the wire and run it to the next plastic fastener.  Replace the first fastener, pop off the next fastener, keep running wire.


Here is a view of the sill plate as it begins behind the wheel well, and the very first plastic fastener to remove.








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