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James Stanley

Ecoboost Mods that Fit From Other Applications

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On 8/27/2018 at 12:36 PM, Don Ridley said:

The Fiesta and TC have similar part numbers for the intercooler. I assumed they were functionally the same...this was a mistake. I ordered the Cobb intercooler for a Fiesta and it is not close to fitting or working.


1. The Fiesta IC mounts differently and it's location allows for a much larger, wider unit to be installed.

2. The TC intercooler mounts between frame rails that limit the width... unlike the Fiesta.

3. The TC IC has two ports on the outlet, one for the MAP sensor and another for an evap line.


I removed the stock TC and measured all clearances. The only TC that will fit is a Mishimoto Z-Series. I ordered one and will have the necessary ports installed by a machine shop. Look for a separate post on the install soon.

Thats a big bummer. 
Is the Z-Series a universal fit? 

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No, any intercooler will require modifications to add the pressure sensor and evap purge fittings. I am having those welded by a shop. I will need to fab some mounting brackets.

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.....I think you question was whether the Z-Series is designed as a universal fit IC. Yes it is 


But the Z-Series does not easily fit the TC. Sorry for the mix up.

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