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trans drain and fill for 2014 TC w/2.5 L 6 speed auto

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I don't have any leaks on mine *KNOCK on wood*

but at 32k i's time to change the fluid

how about you make a thread how to change the fluid and how many qts needed and anything else req'd

would it help if I said pretty please


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I can do that. check back tomorrow.

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The hardest part of this operation will be getting the TC Jacked up. Should be almost level . Remove the Under body dust shield . Look for the Drain Plug. 11 mm or 7/16 wrench.

post-4748-0-33591300-1460393564_thumb.jp ] post-4748-0-18406100-1460393643_thumb.jp post-4748-0-75269700-1460393494_thumb.jp

This style funnel will slide down into the Vent plug you just removed Put 3 quarts of fluid in

[attacjpg] ] post-4748-0-90977100-1460395526_thumb.jp

Run the TC for 5 to 10 minutes . Then drain the fluid again. Repeat this 2 more times You have Now used 9 quarts of fluid.

Put the Drain plug back in make it snug this time. Add 3 quarts of fluid You have now used 12 quarts.

Go under the car and Look for the indicator plug (14 mm wrench) Loosen the plug. Do not remove yet


Start the engine with the engine running and the Car in park pull the plug and add fluid into the funnel until it just drips out the Indicator hole Replace plug put the Dust shield on , Pull the funnel and replace the vent cap. Total Fluid 13 Qts. With most of number 13 left

There is no filter to change on this operation and the type of fluid is Mercon LV.

Have fun!

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