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How to Replace a Gas Filler DOOR???

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Nice help Blaine. In the future, I am sure other forum members will be using your instructions!

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Bad news - I received the pocket today, but it is the WRONG one! It does not match item #7 in the drawing.

This one has the hinge on the opposite side. I am not sure what it is for. It is Ford Part# 9L3Z-9927936-B

According to this Amazon listing, it is for an F150!


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I am reporting back to say that last week, I finally got the new fuel filler pocket and door installed. Let me tell you - it is pretty difficult to get the door inside of the pocket. It is very difficult to spread the pocket apart so that the door's "hinge" can slide in enough to lock into the two holes provided. I did this indoors in the warmth because I did not want the new assembly cracking like the old one did, when I attempted to salvage the pocket by just removing the door itself.

I did two coats of primer on both sides and two coats of black on both sides. Looks just about perfect. I might polish it up a bit when the weather is warmer.

When you go to install the lock assembly, be sure to install it correctly. It is possible to install it 180 degrees off, and then you might damage your fuel door again when you attempt to remove the lock assembly. I was sure to have the key handy before I inserted the lock, just to make sure I was installing it correctly.

And finally, you hook up the sliding door stopper mechanism. This snaps into the fuel pocket. Then you shove the entire assembly into the hole for the fuel filler. The fuel pocket itself is made out of two materials - some of it is a flexible rubbery substance, where as the part where the fuel door "hinge" attaches is a very hard plastic. The flexible rubbery substance can be stretched around the fuel filler neck for a tight fit.

Lastly, install the two push pins to hold the fuel pocket in, and you're done. You'll probably have to press the fuel pocket pretty hard, otherwise the door will not fit flush. You'll know when it is seated because it will finally "snap" in to place.

I do not have any photos to share, but, it is just about as good as new. Not bad for around $80 not including paint, which I already had anyways. Wonder what the body shop would have charged.....

Hope this helps some future Transit Connect guys. Who knows, this may break again. If you just remove the entire assembly, you can do that too. You'll just have to modify that door stopper so that it allows you to slide the passenger door fully open, because it requires that the fuel door be present in order to "unlock" the stopper and allow the door to slide back all of the way.

LASTLY, the diagram shows a lengthy drainage tube coming off of the fuel filler pocket. In all actuality, there is just a short nipple. There is no lengthy hose or tube as pictured in the diagram.

Edited by Blaine B.

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So I saw a bunch of requests to know how to remove the gas door flap while searching to find out myself.......just in the event anyone is still wondering I have a fix of my own now that I caught...... But its in 4 parts....here we go.


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