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Front Wheel Bearings

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Thanks for the info on the titanium, I will check into it.  

The disc brake parts here in the northeast have other causes for shorter pad and rotor life.  

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On 3/18/2017 at 2:14 PM, Beta Don said:

Going to a wider tire on a wider wheel with a different offset would likely exacerbate the problem and not solve it  -  The load on the bearings would be much higher with a wider tire on a wider track wheel

But  -  The 'real problem' could be just the quality of the bearings themselves.  If you pay someone to do the change and they have a choice of a $40 bearing, a $70 bearing or a $100 bearing, guess which one they'll probably buy for you?  -  $400 for labor to install a $40 bearing isn't any bargain

www.rockauto.com lists 5 different wheel bearings ranging in price from about $40 to $117.00 



Good info Don, thanks!  They mention a Timkin that is hearted.  Is the heart a recommendation?  Again thanks, I'll keep RockAuto in mind. 

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