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Found 13 results

  1. So I've removed the cables from the stick but how do I fully remove them from the assembly? The manual says to rotate. But what do I rotate? There's little orange things in there too. Is it them?
  2. SandyHenderson

    Radiator hanging off at the bottom!

    My 06 connect which I recently bought, I noticed the radiator isn't fully connected at the bottom. The drivers side (right) rubber foot isn't on the frame properly. It's balanced and is safe but it I'd like to correct it and make sure it's in that hole. Is this easy to sort or do I need to disconnect everything? Help?
  3. SandyHenderson

    Timing belt AND chain!?

    Hi. My 06 transit connect has 110000 miles on clock. I'm worried about timing belt/chain so Ive been asking around for quotes. Two garages told me that I have a wet and dry belt. First garage said it's around £1k to change them. Second one was £700. I phoned Ford just there to make sure it's definitely a wet and dry belt set up. They told me I have a dry timing belt AND a chain. I asked if that's the one in the cassette type thing. They said yes and said I wouldn't need to change the chain, just the belt and water pump need changed. Can anyone confirm this is correct as I'm sceptical still and havnt got a clue. If this is true then why are independent garages quoting me for a wet and dry belt change when ford says its a chain and doesn't need replacing? Please help?
  4. Vehicles Affected: Nearly 370 model-year 2014 Ford Transit Connect vans manufactured between March 1, 2014, and May 15, 2014 The Problem: The affected vehicles may have a brake reservoir cap that does not have the required text advising owners which brake fluid the vehicle uses. This could result in someone adding the wrong brake fluid, causing damage to the brake system seals and, in turn, brake fluid leaks; this could lengthen stopping distances and increase the risk of a crash. The Fix: Ford notified owners on July 14, and dealers will replace the brake reservoir cap with the correct one for free. What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Ford at 800-392-3673, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to www.safercar.gov for more info. Need to Find a Dealer for Service? Go to Cars.com Service & Repair to find your local dealer.
  5. Make me an offer on any of these. Prefer not to ship. All equipment came out of two 2016s, so these should fit 2014s and up. *Katerack 300lb sliding shelving system. *Adrian steel "grip lock" ladder rack *Adrian steel cage divider *Weathergaurd ladder rack
  6. Thor88

    Doesnt even crank

    Hello Have a transit connect 1.8 in just now that wont start. Came in initially after engine swap, did start but then cut out. They tried towing it in case it was air locked, still wouldn’t start but would crank. Then it stopped cranking at all. Nothing happens when the key is turned. Immo light is off after ignition is turned on. Powers and earths to pcm good. Starter relay isnt reciving ground from pcm. Wire integrity from pcm to relay is good. Pcm isn’t commanding a start. Pcm sent to specialist and was said to be good. All fuses checked and are in order. No codes present. Anyone here have any ideas. Any advice greatly appreciated
  7. The reason I'm here once again, is because I'm always searching for new things & new products. In this instance, I've been speaking with FlowMaster Mufflers (the only one that was willing to speak with me) Here's what we've been talking about. Upon the purchase of the van, I wasn't pleased with the bad forward tilted & too low resonator. Flowmaster thinks they can help with this by swapping one of their oval mufflers. It's unclear which model muffler they're referring to. However, if this interested you as much as it does me.. Send your comments and support toBrandon ( brandon.janssen@dpbrands.com ) via Flowmaster in an effort to get this muffler tested or even installed on your TC. GL Update: July 20th 6:00 AM EST Just got another email from Brandon via Flowmaster, he feels that the Super HP2 (shorty) can be used as a replacement resonator & their DBX used as the muffler for the 2014 - Current Transit Connect. However, I sent him this pic, showing how the TC's exhaust system is set up. Not sure he's aware of how the muffler is resting sideways under the van.. Question: Is this something you'd be willing to try on your TC?.. comment below. The search for a performance muffler continues...
  8. We still have these factory wheels and tires and I've contacted several bloggers & UTZ potato chips in an effort to get what ever I can for these wheels. Bloggers like Tiny Van Travels and Tessa Mendez But just so happen Iw as at the store the other morning where I spotted a Ford Transit Connect UTZ delivery van.. I sent word to UTZ in an effort to see if they needed these factory wheels/tires. The UTZ rep was very helpful and sent word to their maintenance department. As of yet I've not heard back from any of these possible candidates. So here's what I'm willing to do. If you live near MD/PA/VA/DE/WV We're willing to sell these at $400.00 or if you have a blog site which document your North American travels, we'll sell them to you at a reduced price of just $275.00 just as long as you connect with on one (or more) of our travel community/pages and meet us on the road for the exchange. Our next exchange could take place as soon as this weekend, we might be looking at a short trip to North Carolina. The only other exchange would take place the 1st or 2nd week in Sept at or near the MD/PA line. To schedule an exchange, connect with one of our travel profiles and of course forward your blog site for verification.
  9. Although I'm a bit late on this topic, I wanted to share a few things we've done to the van. Currently most of the things we've done to the van are mere personalizations and nothing more. Later a few more heavier or more involved additions could be added soon. Most of you are aware that we've added the 16x7 Sparco wheels w/ 215/55/16 Maxxis Tires: Next, we've added the K&N Air Filter with it's Larger Warning label. Then, I was given a small sample of red reflective vinyl and for months I thought about what would be the best way to use this on or in the van. Rather proud of this, Created a recovery hook marking location, seeing how we'll be purchasing the Ford Escape Recovery Hook via Amazon.com and We'll have the hook forwarded to Bone Head Performance, PA for them to filter the hook into "red" powder coating. I would offer to make a couple more of these marking triangles for you, but I'm running low on the reflective vinyl and have one more area to fulfill. Added these on a whim, but I should have thought more carefully about where these reflective squares should have been added. Perhaps I should have added them on the lift gates inner lip (inside when the gate is up) this could have been seen from a few blocks away if the lift gate was open. I'll have to see if I have more of the reflective vinyl left to make those additions. Lastly, and I've yet to get an image of this because I've not had a chance to lay on the ground to place the reflective triangles at each molded jack point located on both sides of the van's rocker panels. if you've never noticed these before might be a good idea to mark them somehow as to know it's location in times of an emergency. Not only am I marking these jack location for my benefit, but for my wife's benefit. Just good to know there are quick points to jack the van if needed. Small things can make a big difference.. Post your images of things you've done to your Connect.
  10. Soon after the purchase of the 2015 transit Connect we opted to remove the factory scissor jack and replace it with a 2 ton floor jack. Removing the factory jack from the rear (driver side) cubbyhole.. it's never been used but don't include the factory tire iron, seeing how the tire iron has a fitted key as to lower the spare tire. I'm not sure if an allen or torque set/socket would fit in this location. Otherwise, make an offer on this scissor jack w/o the tire iron, unless I can locate the correct sized allen / torque set. Borrowed eBay Image *Must Include a small shipping fee with your offer* Image upon request
  11. Welp gentleman, it's been 1 year & 21,000 miles alter and we still love the van, But as many of you know, I'm still not pleased with the tire size selection and I'll just have to deal with it until this can be corrected in about 45K miles. The van has seen a few small/short trip here and there. it's been kept on a routine service scheduled but we've switched from one dealership to another. Reason for the switch, was that I hasn't please with the mechanic they kept assigning the van to and each time, the mechanic never added the correct level of oil, leaving it was short of the crosshatching on the dip stick. The van is still way more comfortable than I would have ever imagined and handles perfectly.
  12. Ford Transit Connect CUSTOM Sink and Bed attachment conversion furnished by the one and only Kevin Hornby from Southern California. Both attachments are new and have never been installed into the Ford Transit Connect. Hand built and custom made to fit like a glove. First half images are of actual product and last half of images are stock photos to show what it looks like after being installed. HIGHLIGHTS: Kitchen Sink - Stainless steel construction, pressurized water system, 4 storage cubbies built inside, foldable design to save space, 110v electrical outlet, all hoses and tubes connect with no leaks. Bed - Marine-grade canvas foldable foam-core bed comfortably sleeps 1 person and can fit 2. Folds up and stows away saving even more space. Both attachments were $1,600 brand new. Kevin Hornby, the custom conversion designer, no longer produces these units so here's your chance to own a brand new set for a cheap price! Pick-up only in Grover Beach or San Luis Obispo County. Asking for $600 or Best Offer! Please email info@chrisburkard.com for more inquiries or call 805-270-3835. Thanks!
  13. For sale: Ford Transit Connect Rear Seats I have a set of rear seats from my 2011 Ford Transit Connect that I may be looking to sell. I have all of the seat belts and the head rests and it will all be included. Everything is in excellent condition. If you're interested in them, contact me through PM right here on this forum or by replying to this thread and I'll get back to you. You can leave me an email address or a phone number in a PM if you would like. You can also email me at sjd1motorsports@comcast.net I'm not sure what I am willing to take for them, so hit me with an offer for them. I might be able to travel a reasonable distance to meet you if needed. I am not exactly against shipping them, but shipping fees would be the responsibility of the buyer. Thanks!