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    Marquizzo reacted to Aerohead in Got my new wheels!   
    2019 connect. 

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    Marquizzo reacted to drh14 in Weekend Warrior build out is pretty much complete!   
    One last photo of the van build in action ūüôā¬†

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    Marquizzo reacted to desert_connect in 2017 TC XLT simple camper   
    We have returned from 12 more days of van camping, this totals up more than 50 nights in two years. The new sliding door window worked out great for extra ventilation along with the lithium gen/batt powered fan and our new little dog likes it too. As a temporary solution for this trip I gorilla taped a piece of fiberglass screen over the outside of the window and cracked the front door windows an inch when parked. Light rain was no problem and the air moving in though the side window and out the front windows seemed to keep the bugs out. Even with 99% humidity inside, according to the meter, the van roof and walls remained completely dry, no dripping like in the past. I will find a better solution for the screen and tweak the fan placement but overall this arrangement was a success.

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    Marquizzo reacted to desert_connect in 2017 TC XLT simple camper   
    Here are pictures of my simple camper conversion.  I needed a bed for two, a sofa, a table, a place for a cooler, it had to be easy to install and remove. I built this during a week and then we went on a 3 week camping trip spending every night in it. Overall, it works well for us.  3300 miles on the trip and averaged 29.0 mpg.
    I have since removed the top half of the folding seat back, it is more comfortable w/o.  The eye bolt thing on the rear door holds the door open a couple of inches for ventilation while at the same time being able to lock the door.  The third cushion fits nicely behind the seat back. The unit is held in place with 2 turn buckles, 1 in rear shown in pics and the other is at the L mid tie down point. I can remove this in a few minutes by myself and have an empty van again.  

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    Marquizzo reacted to desert_connect in How to remove plastic panel on sliding door?   
    I have the AMA sliding window from Vans Windows Direct. You can see my panel removal and the installation here on page 2;
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    Marquizzo reacted to jrm223 in Spoiler on.. add the hitch?   
    Pretty sure that might could fall under "insurance fraud", too, lol. Purposely trying to get people to hit you - and posting it on a public forum for a prosecutor to use as evidence of premeditation?! I don't know the particular area of Texas that OP is in, but my rural podunk area really doesn't have tailgaters that would "require" brake-checking in the first place... 
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    Marquizzo got a reaction from jrm223 in Spoiler on.. add the hitch?   
    What a mean-spirited post. Asks for opinions on a hitch that will only be used to brake-check other drivers on the road, then gets mad when people suggest not to do it.
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    Marquizzo reacted to jrm223 in Roof-top AC?   
    Weight isn't really the problem because there are insulated delivery TC's running around with reefers on top, but you're basically going to freeze yourself out, lol. That unit is 13,500 BTU; consider the fact that a 5K BTU window unit in a house can easily cool 150 square feet (times 8ft tall for typical ceilings, so 1200 cubic feet and our vans only have 166 cubic feet of cargo volume, plus a little bit more for the front seat area, lets round it to 200 cuft total).
    IMO, you'd be better off with one of those new portable AC's, instead. This "Zero Breeze" Mark 2 unit has good reviews online but is spendy $$$ and seems to be pretty decent for what you'd be doing and it's battery-powered/portable, weighing just 16.5lbs (Coleman Mach 3 roof unit is 90lbs, for comparison). Our vans have a total cargo capacity of roughly 1250 lbs or less, depending on specific model and features, so weight is an important consideration when building a micro-camper and still being able to carry everything you'd like to - including yourself & any passengers - without exceeding GVWR.
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    Marquizzo reacted to George_97220 in Spoiler on.. add the hitch?   
    Umm, then why add a hitch?
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    Marquizzo reacted to billet_@bellsouth.net in What happened to my 2019 TC fuse box?   
    I've run into this same problem with my 2020 TC cargo. I wanted to tap into the fuse box to power a "keyed" fuse for the addition of some led running lights. That fuse box terrifies me. I'm going to see if I can tap into some wiring outside of that box. UGH!
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    Marquizzo reacted to Banjeed in Simple bed   
    @Marquizzo it takes a little stuffing but it fits for sure

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    Marquizzo reacted to Don Ridley in Turn on all interior lights (2016)   
    As some have noted, there is no switch to turn on all the interior lights on newer TCs. This modification will allow you to turn them on with a separate switch. Opening a door turns on all the lights, so I added a switch that activates the same circuit. You can easily turn on the lights and the van thinks you have opened the driver's door. It works well and the only hitch is you get a "door ajar" message on the message center. 
    This is not a complete step by step but it covers the tricky parts.
    The most difficult thing will be removing the door panel without breaking any tabs or pins. You should have a panel removal tool (or tools). There are dozens on Amazon for under $20.  You may also want to buy some spare clips for the door panels. Several are tough to reach even with the tool and you may break one
    Remove the plastic cover behind the door handle.  It pulls straight out. Pry at the spot noted to avoid breaking any tabs.

    Remove the small panel behind the door latch

    Remove the door panel and unlatch the door handle

    Here is the wiring diagram. I used a pushbutton switch. This type of switch needs to be latching. You can use a rocker or toggle switch that has a normally closed terminal.  The switch will be normally closed and open when the lights are turned on. The lights go off when the switch goes back to closed. I also used a lighted switch so I had to connect power for the light. The light is not necessary so only do it if you like the look.
    ***see diagram below***
    Here is the power for the lighted switch. It is tied to the light for the door lock buttons. I used posi-lock connectors for this connection.

    The switch is wired to the door module.  Pin 14 is cut and the switch is inserted.  Here is the door module with the wire already cut. The wire had green paint on a black wire.

    Another view of the cut wiring

    I wired the switch using a modular pigtail that plugs in (for door panel removal in the future).  These connections were soldered. The wire was dressed with Tesa cloth tape (I love this stuff). The Tesa tape prevents rattles and will not get gooey with age like some electrical tape.

    The finished product. The switch light is always on just like the lights on the door switches. But I can't see it from the driver's seat (hence the uselessness of the light).

    You will get the alarm chime and message when you turn on the lights, but they work fine (just like opening a door while driving). Of course I insulated the door panel with theromozite and it gives the door a solid feel and dampens road noise. Insulating takes less than 1 hr per door and I highly recommend it. Use spay on adhesive to apply.

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    Marquizzo reacted to Banjeed in Simple bed   
    Still working out storage and a few other things on my weekend warrior build, but wanted to report that a cheap tri-fold queen sized mattress with a california king duvet cover around it work great.  I wanted the duvet cover to be oversized so I can still fold the mattress up and put up the 2nd row seats when needed.  The back two panels of the mattress needed to be trimmed, which I found a box saw made quick work of.

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    Marquizzo reacted to Eddy Kilowatt in Isn't this the cutest van   
    Amazon signed up for 100,000 delivery vans from Rivian... can't wait to see these on the road.
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    Marquizzo reacted to BrettLyons in Hello from Huntington Beach, CA   
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    Marquizzo got a reaction from jrm223 in What is the horn device in cargo area?   
    @Don Ridley I have a 2019 TC purchased in the US, and it has this anti-theft horn. I didn't discover it until I was camping in the back of the van, locked the doors with my key remote, and went to sleep. In the middle of the night I rolled around, triggering the motion sensor and woke up to the most ear-piercing shrill sound I've ever heard coming from the wall. ūüėÖ
    So, yes. I can corroborate that it is the anti-theft horn.
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    Marquizzo got a reaction from jrm223 in Looking for aftermarket side rails for roof   
    @jrm223 Yeah I thought about custom-building it online, but to be honest, I got some pretty good discounts at the dealership, and ended up paying well below sticker-price. So I guess I shouldn't be complaining!
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    Marquizzo reacted to Gideon in Hello! I'm after remap advice   
    Never done that to any of my cars. BUT; More power AND better fuel consumption ?? Reread your high [middle] school  Physics and Chemistry books !  Power comes from burning fuel => you can have more power OR better fuel consumption - NOT BOTH.
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    Marquizzo reacted to QSentMe in LeBra Frontend Mask   
    So what does that make me, your buddy?
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    Marquizzo reacted to QSentMe in LeBra Frontend Mask   
    Finally got my LeBra frontend mask.  Took a while to get it (about two months) but it was well worth the wait.  Some people don't like them but if you use a good wax and remove it regularly for cleaning you won't have a problem.  I also used some Road Trip Tape along the fender well edges where the mask clips onto. 

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    Marquizzo reacted to BrettLyons in Hello from Huntington Beach, CA   
    Hey Marquizzo!
    Thanks man! I added the locations to the pictures. You were spot on with the locations! Are you in California?
    Funny, I was originally wanted a black TC when I started looking but I couldn't find the right black one so I went with this blue. But it definitely quickly grew on me because I don't think I'd trade it for another color. 
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    Marquizzo reacted to BrettLyons in Hello from Huntington Beach, CA   
    Hey guys and girls, 
    Just introducing myself on here since I just joined yesterday. My name is Brett and I've owned a 2014 Transit Connect Wagon XLT for about 4 years. It's my daily driver and now that I've hit 92k miles I'm looking to learn more about the maintenance I'll be needing, good rack systems, and so on. I'm looking forward to exploring the forum and hopefully contributing to it as well!
    Hope everyone is healthy and staying sane through the crazy year of 2020. Here's some
    pictures of journeys with my transit.
    (Big Sur, CA)(Big Sur, CA)(Idyllwild, CA)(Big Sur, CA)(Death Valley, CA)(Death Valley, CA)(Sierra Nevada, CA off the 395)(Death Valley, CA)
    (Carrizo Plain National Monument, CA)
    (Carrizo Plain National Monument, CA)

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    Marquizzo reacted to Tom c in Anyone finding the mid-row power outlet very unreliable?   
    Mine works for 15 mins then shuts off. Turn car off and back on works for 15 mins and stops again. I have had it to the dealer 3 times.
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    Marquizzo reacted to Tbaptist in Anyone finding the mid-row power outlet very unreliable?   
    I am having problem with my built in inverter on my 2019 TC XLT. Only trying to power an Echo Dot.  Measured voltage is about 83volts not 110.  It turns off after a few min.
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    Marquizzo reacted to govandlaw in Anyone finding the mid-row power outlet very unreliable?   
    Anyone finding the mid-row power outlet very unreliable? Wonder if there is an easy fix (like an upgraded inverter feeding the stock outlet) to lengthen how long the outlet actually works before the safety faught (flashing green lights) triggers, even with low wattage items, I only get a few minutes before it stops working.